Saint-Petersburg night transport.

Night buses and night metro.

Night bus operation time in 2018.


Night bus routes 1М, 2М, 3М, 4М, 5М - analog of Saint-Persburg metro lines and nigt metro-train from station "Sportivnaya" ("Спортивная") to "Admiralteyskaya" ("Адмиралтейская")

are operate from April, 30 to November, 15 in nigts from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday and before holidays,

except nigts of  24-hour working all metro stations.

Buses are operate from 12am to 6am (from 1am to 5am buses are operate by short lines to bridges). Headway - 30 minutes.

Operation time of metro stations:  "Sportivnaya" - 1.00am to 2.40am (enter from Vasilyevsky Island - 0.58am to 2.38am), "Admiralteyskaya" - 0.48am to 2.28am. Headway - 20 minutes.

Only in nigts to 1 and 7 Jan, 2 and 10 May, Pascha, Night of Museums, Saint-Petersburg city holiday and Scarlet Sails holiday:

- 24-hour working of all metro stations

- Night working of bus routes 8, 12, 56, 77, 80, 93, 106, 114, 130, 142, 154, headway - 30 minutes.



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